Our Crazy Lives...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ladies and Gents, we have a Wii!

Jaxon has seen the Wiis before, but after watching Luke play yesterday, he was really wanting one. I know they were near impossible to get around Christmas, but its mid-February so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to find. So we went out this morning and no one had it, no one knew when they would have it, no luck at all. This was bad news since Grandma B. had graciously offered to buy it for us (a few hundred bucks is nothing to shrug at, you know). Then Brian called his mom, Grandma Schock, and asked her to look around on her side of town. After a few phone calls, 2 or 3 stores and someone double-checking in the back, they were able to find it. They picked it up for us and then Brian met his dad at Golf Galaxy to shop and pick up the wii.
So I set it up (you know I'm the techie nerd around here so I get to hook up everything). Jaxon started playing Wii Sports Boxing and LOVED it! I've got some great pics to share that'll be coming soon. Then Brian tried it out and he liked it too (he wasn't sure he'd like the wii, but I think he's already found how fun it is). So we've been playing Boxing, bowling and now golf for a couple of hours already! :) This is really good news since the PSP had to be sent off for warranty service. I see a new addiction in Jaxon's future and maybe Brian's too!

Friday, February 15, 2008

February Update

Well we've all had "the crud" at my house. Coughing, congestion, overall yucky stuff, but not sick enough to really warrant a trip to the doctor. The weather was starting to get nice again, so I was hoping that may help us get over this junk, but now a cold front has come in and it's getting down into the 30s at night. :( Hopefully we'll all be 100% again soon!

Valentine's Day was fun. Jaxon loved signing his name on all of his valentines. Marley just happily carried around the extra "Balentimes". I got Marley a princess puzzle and lollipops (she's got a sweet tooth like mama) and Jaxon a snake (one of those cool sand filled ones, not a real one) and books. I've not really screened him, but he is reading on at least a second grade level, so of course the books I got he read immediately. I'm thinking about beginning to read more complex books to him aloud to continue to challenge him... I don't want him getting bored in kindergarten next year.

Anyway, Brian and I were not going to "do" Valentine's Day. I really see no point in going to dinner and having to wait for 2 hours (WITH a reservation) to eat. And good luck finding a sitter, right? So Brian comes home from work with a new Sony Cybershot H3! That's great... our camera died and we needed a new one, I was eyeballing DSLR-like cameras... but it made me feel TERRIBLE. I didn't even have a card for him. He says he doesn't care, it's my day, etc. but I feel awful. So I called my mom and she's available to watch the kids next weekend for us so we can go run around and do whatever we'd like for the weekend... I guess a late gift is better than none.

If you follow my digital scrapbooking stuff, you know I'm counting down until ADSR3 starts and with the new camera, we're back in business with NEW pics to scrap! :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back just in time for the Superbowl...

Well, most importantly, we are back from Kansas and Grandma's service was lovely. We got to spend a lot of time with Brian's aunts, uncles and cousins which was really nice as well. She was such a wonderful lady and it was great to think back on her life. We flew in during a snowstorm (they got 5 inches that day) and I was in shock. We don't "do" snow in Texas, and on the off chance it does snow, it lasts a day at best. It was 15 degrees when we flew in...eeek! Anyway, luckily it warmed up some ("warmed up" for Kansas is in the 40s by the way)! So we're glad to be back in Texas! :)

We made it home just in time to watch the Superbowl (thanks to TIVO we could rewind the first 5 minutes we missed and catch up during commercials) and the GIANTS won!!!! Since our teams didn't make it, Brian and I were both REALLY rooting for the Giants, but didn't think they'd be able to win. As the game went on and they kept sacking Brady and doing well on offense, we thought "Well this may be a game"... but holy moly they WON!

Well, I'm off to update my scrap blog then hitting the sack as I've got lots of sleep to catch up on. Talk to everyone soon!