Our Crazy Lives...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Our new addition!

Well, we said we were done having kids, but maybe not. Now that I have your attention... our new addition is an adorable puppy! (And we ARE done having kids by the way!)

After talking about it for a few weeks, we decided we wanted another dog. We have been checking out the shelters for a few weeks and couldn't find any adult dogs that would work (we found a great mix that was good with the kids and we really loved, but she couldn't handle other animals.) So, this past weekend, at one adoption site I saw a puppy I liked after Brian had walked in to get the kids into the cart. I pet her and then went into the store to shop. Brian saw her as we drove off and mentioned that he didn't see her outside.

We went to 3 shelters that afternoon and met a few dogs, but none that would fit in our family. So late that afternoon, we went back to the Petco adoption site and the 3 puppies were still there. I found the one I liked, got her out to meet us and we decided that since I'd be home this summer, I probably have time for a puppy after all. :) So we brought her home and she's just a doll! She is very low-key for a puppy and has many "Brina-like" qualities. She has been riding around in the car with us, playing in the yard and doesn't bother our other pets. We're working on crate training and potty training as she's only 10 weeks, but so far so good.

After going through many names, we decided to let Jaxon pick... so we have a lovely little GIRL dog named BEVO! Jaxon loves to yell "Hook 'em Horns!" so it fits I guess!
:) Just one more addition to be sure our "crazy lives" stay crazy! S

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh my, its May!

I feel like the past few months have just flown by! Let's see... what's new around here... a huge storm with golf ball sized hail damaged both of our cars and totaled our roof. Thank goodness for insurance, but we still have to get the deductible together and schedule the cars and reroof. Sounds like fun I know!

Marley is really getting around lately. Still no "real" crawl, but she "commando crawls" and rolls all over the place and is fast too! She has an appointment at Children's Hospital next week where we hope to get to the bottom of this reflux problem. Fingers crossed it goes well...

Jaxon's time at daycare is coming to an end and while I'm looking forward to having the summer home with the kids, I know he'll miss it. He'll miss all of his friends and the activities they do at school. We're continuing gymnastics this summer, but have to get a schedule going to keep him busy. I was planning on soccer too, but since for his age its a parent participation class, I can't enroll him (soccer with a baby strapped to my chest sounds like fun, but I should probably pass!)

We lost our "sweet mama dog" Brina at the end of April to lymphoma. After 7 years with us, she was still trying to put a smile on our faces up until the end. We had just found out about possible treatments, when she suddenly had trouble walking and collapsed in the yard. It happened so fast. Brian had to carry her back into the house and called the vet. He stayed home with her all day and had to take her in that evening to be put down. We all cried for days about it, but know it was best as she was suffering.

Brina and hail damage aside, we have been doing well. Jaxon continues to amaze me as he is the best big brother we could have asked for. Marley adores him as well and I think she'll be scrambling to keep up with him before we know it. Looking forward to a nice summer with the kids and a nice vacation for just me and Brian too! We'll keep you posted (at least I'll try to post more often!) S