Our Crazy Lives...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The busiest month is almost here

...which is both exciting AND stressful! Let's see... I'm getting blond highlights back (the old reliable) so my mom will be very happy. My sister and I were referred to as "Brownie" and "Blondie" respectively as children and apparently we need to remain that way. ;)

I have tons of meetings coming up too for my kiddos headed to kindergarten and end of the year stuff. I am also presenting a few trainings for staff and parents with my teammates which is giving me gray hair (now you see that my reason for the blond highlighting is NOT to make mom happy)!

Next week I have surgery which I'm only moderately nervous about, but I'll be sore and out of whack for a bit, and that has me more worried than the process itself. It's tough to tell the kiddos to go easy on mama or the teacher for that matter- I think my title should include "child wrangler" and "human jungle gym"! That week is also when Jaxon has kindergarten round-up and kinder buddy day which I'm excited about. I can't wait to see what he thinks about the whole thing.

The last but not least of the stresses... I turn 30 this month. Yes folks, it's all downhill from here. ;) I wasn't all that concerned about it until my friends kept reminding me about it... and now I'm thinking I'll make 30 fun. Maybe it'll be my year to lose those last 10 pounds I want to rid myself of, and get more organized, and I WILL do more for myself this year. So, if I'm not around much this month, you'll know why. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. I guess I should finish up my taxes... :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well this month has just flown by. Do I write that every month? It sure feels like it! :) We had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt today and will have everyone over to our house tomorrow as well. With Easter coming early this year, it snuck up on me so I've got eggs to color with the kids, laundry to do, need to get ALL of these toys put away, and make some pecan pie. Thankfully our moms are bringing almost all of the food so at least I don't have a lot of cooking to do.

And the next day is the 24th- our anniversary. We've been married for 7 years. It seems silly now, but when we were in college, I had it in my mind that I was not going to get married before I graduated. So we lived together instead all through college... don't ask why I was ok with that but not getting married, because it was basically just a test drive for marriage, but oh well! All in all, its been 11 years.

Wow do I feel old now! The big 30 hits next month, so I guess THAT is when I'll officially be "old". Argh... I STILL don't feel like a grown-up!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter and enjoys time with their families.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A new look

As most of you know, I'm a bit of a scrap addict (but at least it's all digital and I'm not freebasing on paper scraps! Ha ha!) I'm always coming up with stuff on my other blog and liked it's new look so much, that I made this blog to match. I just don't like the choices blogger gives you and would rather make my own. :) Anyway, it took longer than I remembered to fiddle with all of the html code (yes, I'm a geek)... so it'll probably stay this way for awhile, so I hope you like it!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Get ready for Spring Break!

This month has flown by! I swear I feel like I say that all of the time, but with 2 little ones it really does fly. We've been busy getting ready for spring, but Texas weather proves to be tricky this year. It's warm and gorgeous one day, and then some cold front blows in and puts us in the 40s again. We just planted our beds out front, and thankfully we got it done on a nice day, because today we had rain ALL day and it's 36!!! Can you believe it's that cold in March?
Brian started a new corporate sales account manager position and seems to be enjoying it. He was ready for a change, but not really ready to leave Dell, so I'm glad this has worked out for him. My work is about to come to a screeching halt as Spring Break starts after school tomorrow. WOO HOO!!! :) I have no plans other than hanging out with the kids and having a fun and restful break.
I also have lots of CT stuff and ADSR layouts to work on so check out my other blog for pics soon!