Our Crazy Lives...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Sadly, Brian's grandma passed away this afternoon. Her hospice nurses and family were with her, and she was given medicine for the past day or so to be sure that she was comfortable. I think the hardest part is he memories it brings of my own grandparents. I couldn't see my grandmother when sh fell so ill... I just couldn't handle it... and now I regret not being able to say goodbye. I know she knew and that I prayed for her, but I still wish I had been able to pull it together to be there. I sat with grandma and held her hand last night, letting her know how much we love her.
When my grandma passed away, Jaxon was still too little to really understand. This time, we talked a little about it and he just broke my heart. He cried and said he wanted to see her. Then he starting worrying that I would die... it's just awful. I explained as best I could, but it's hard for anyoe to really understand. I talked a little bit about heaven (which since we don't attend church, it probably made him even more confused) but I think in the end, he felt ok about it. I'm going to go to school tomorrow and will get out my book on grief with children to see if it will help.
We will probably be headed to Kansas this week for the funeral, but I'll keep you posted. Please keep Helen in your prayers...

Visiting with the family...

This weekend, some of Brian's extended family came in to visit. His aunt Pam and her boyfriend Jack, his cousin Dax and his wife Kelly, and his cousin Brieann all came in from California and Arizona. So Grandma S. wanted to come back to her house so hospice got a hospital bed delivered to her house and they brought her home. We spent Friday night visiting with them all at Grandma's house and she really seemed to enjoy herself. Jaxon was enamored with Dax as he makes video games for a living and played PSP with him. Marley just loved on grandma and Kelly all night, and Pam and Jack were both sick so we didn't have much time with them.
Yesterday, the plan was Brieann's flight would leave in the morning and we would leave the kids with brian's parents and go out with Dax and Kelly. Of course, Kelly is pregnant, so our usual tour of Austin would be limited, but we would have had a good time (it's just not fun to go to loud music venues with massive bars when your pregnant, you know?)
Brieann missed her flight, but it turned out to probably be a good thing. Brian and Rick golfed at Grandma's course and then about the time they finished, I brought the kids up to Grandma's. She was not doing well and we called Maria her hospice nurse/ They told us to get her "comfort pack" which is basically morphine to make her comfortable. She came out to see her and said she didn't think she'd make it through the weekend. We knew it was coming, but it still is so awful to think about. Then in the midst of all of this sadness, Pam has to call the ambulance for Jack- he's having a major asthma attack and can't breathe. The EMTs come in and find he's wheezing terribly and his blood pressure is skyrocketing, so they take him to the hospital. Talk about a rough day.
We end up spending the rest of the evening sitting around grandma's hospital bed, looking through old photo albums and reminiscing. This morning, Dax, Kelly and Brieann are flying back home. Jack is in ICU this morning- he tried to wait it out rather than calling for help sooner and the stress was just too much on his respiratory system. Brian's parents spent the night at grandma's house and will be there most of the day while Pam goes between grandma's and the hospital for Jack.

Be sure today to let your family know how much you love them as life is just too short not to share that each and every day.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and happy new year. Brian and I sent the kids to grandma B's house and went out to Cool River for dinner. It was wonderful. We ended up going to Opal Divine's afterward and then headed home. No real resolutions other than the usual- lose a little weight, get organized, etc.

But, we've already been VERY busy around here lately and the "home improvement" bonanza continues! I don't have pictures up yet, but I hope to post them soon of all of our recent projects. We have some great ones planned too, including flooring, so more to come on that.

Switching the kids rooms was hard work, but they have both really loved it. Its almost like when you move and you see all kinds of new possibilities... they have adjusted quickly and love their "cool, new rooms". Jaxon's room is now the larger of the two, and we painted it "Retro Colonial Blue" so it's nice color he won't grow out of.

Marley's room is tan now and is going to be painted too, but after all of this work, we may wait a week or two to do it. I converted her crib down to a toddler bed and she is doing very well in it. The first night I heard her playing and went in to tell her to lie down, she walked to the side of her bed where the comforter was draped over and peeked out at me from behind it. :) When she realized I meant business, she did lie down and went right to sleep. I think she was ready for the "big girl" bed too.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing the calendar I made for our families for Christmas, you can click the link on the left to get to my scrap blog where its posted. Off to enjoy the weekend before Brian and I return to work... the break always seems to fly by...

Talk to you soon! :) S