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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jaxon is 4!!!

Well, it's Jaxon's fourth birthday today and I can hardly believe it. Part of me almost feels sad as he gets older... its such a great age... but since we can't freeze time, we move on.

It was a GREAT day. We went to pick up the cake at the local bakery - it was Spiderman this year. Then we headed to the party at one of these big places full of bounce houses, slides and inflatable obstacle courses. It had just started to rain when the party was scheduled to start at 10:30, but it didn't keep any of the expected guests away. All of the kids had a great time running around, getting lost in the mazes of inflatables, red faced and sweaty. Then we all went to the "yellow party room" for pizza, cake and the opening of presents. Soon after, we left for home and opened presents from the family (we had planned on opening at home until someone voiced their concern about not seeing the presents opened).
Jaxon got TONS of fantastic toys as well - honestly too many to mention - and was beyond thrilled. It was a fantastic day for him.

July update...

In addition to Jaxon's wonderful fourth birthday, we had a wonderful fourth of July (actually the celebration we attended was on the third). Brian and Jaxon went to meet up with Rick who was playing golf. Jax got to ride in the cart and watch them play while Brian taught him about the "rules" and golf etiquette. Jaxon was so well behaved on the course, that another player came up to compliment him and gave him a golf ball. He was SO thrilled with the experience that the rest of the night all he wanted to do was play golf. Marley, Carol and I joined up with them at the golf club where there were live bands playing, vendor booths and fireworks displays. It was raining on and off, so the course was a mess, and we got soaked, but it was still fun and the kids were great. Jaxon was worried about the fireworks being too loud (as they were the year before) so we bought earplugs like they use at gun ranges. It wasn't enough, as he was still a bit put off by the noise, so I had him sit in my lap and I covered his ears and then he could enjoy watching them. Marley seemed as thought she'd seen them a million times before with no worries... they are so different sometimes.
I also began a new hobby... or I guess I should say I have a new obsession. I decided with all the time I'd have on my hands that I wanted to teach myself something new. I read about Photoshop Elements and decided to try it out. Its only been about a month since I started using PSE to make digital scrapbook pages. I've yet to print any out, but that is my plan and I am also going back to do my kids' baby books. I'm learning new things each day and really enjoy it, but I still have much to learn. Even so, I'm adding a link to the blog where I'll post my digiscrap layouts so you can see me slowly progress to being "competent!" I hope you'll enjoy the pages like I do.