Our Crazy Lives...

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Busy December...

After trying to squeeze us for more $ off the sales price, our buyers finally gave up and have only asked for window screen replacements, toilets to be re-leveled and a termite treatment "just in case" by the deck. That's a rip, since they found no evidence of termites on the inspection, but at this point we figured we'll do it. Better that we give a little and keep the buyers since we have our other house already lined up & waiting for us. We have our inspection at the new house today so hopefully it'll go well!
I've not had much luck in the child care search for Marley. :( My mom has said she can come watch her in December as I only work from the 5th-15th. I think I'll take her up on it. It'll save me a month of paying for child care for Marley (even though I only would work for 2 weeks) and it will free up time to pack as we're still set to close Dec.15-16 and move that weekend. Then in January, if I still haven't found someone to watch Marley, I'll put her in at Stepping Stone. It's more expensive, but also has a low ratio of 1 adult per 3 kids and there are more eyes around watching... for some reason I'm kind of worried about her being alone with someone other than me.
So, this month I go back to work, we have mom coming to stay for 2 weeks to watch Marley, and then we move to a new house all before Christmas! It'll be pretty wild! :) S

Thursday, November 10, 2005

We're moving...

I went house hunting with my realtor last week and while we were out, we got a contract offer on our house! :) My parents came up that next night to take Jaxon for the weekend, so we decided to go look at houses again with just Marley. We looked in several different neighborhoods and saw a few possibilities, but nothing really jumped out at us. We went to see one last house before we were going to call it quits and grab lunch. Wouldn't you know it- the last one was it! I really like the neighborhood it is in and when we looked at pros/cons, we couldn't really list any.
So we put in a contract offer and barring any problems with inspections or our buyers, we got the house! Fingers crossed it goes smoothly! The sellers at the new house are moving out now and want to move up the closing - and if our buyers can do it, we may be moving around the end of the month! For now, the closing on our current house is set for December 15th and the new house closes on December 16th,. If all goes well, we'll be celebrating Christmas in our new home! I'll keep you posted! S

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


We took Jaxon for his first trick-or-treat with Dylan, Shelby and their neighbors Zack, Xander and Kelsey. He was shy at first and had a hard time keeping up with the seasoned pros, but ended up having a blast. Marley wore a pumpkin sleep-n-play and slept in the sling while we went house to house. We had lots of fun! Now, if only I could keep out of the candy! Ha ha!