Our Crazy Lives...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It appears life won't slow down...

So my blog posts are few and far between...sorry! :) Let's see since I last posted:
In November, Marley had pneumonia. We began treating her with antibiotics and headed out of town for the wedding in Kansas. When we were there, she still just didn't seem "right", so when we came home, I took her back and found she had two forms of pneumonia! Poor kiddo had to endure 2 different antibiotics, two HUGE shots in her legs of another antibiotic (Brian had her at the doc that day and said it was simply awful) and 3 x-rays. It seems to have subsided though her last xray still showed some streaking in her lungs. Here's wishing for a healthy year for Marley!

On that note, the wedding was wonderful! Both kids looked adorable and were both very well behaved (which is hard for little ones during a full Catholic wedding and mass!) Jaxon did a great job as the ringbearer and both he and Marley danced the night away at the reception. It was HILARIOUS- Jaxon had a full dance card with three little girls all wanting to dance with him! :) Check out my facebook or the link to my scrap blog for pictures.

Thanksgiving was at my mom's house and we had a wonderful time with the family. The kids stayed the night with my mom and dad and then we went home, let the dogs out, left them inside and went to Rick & Carol's to watch the UT game. We ended up at a neighbor's house. They were really nice and we had fun- it reminded us of what our old neighbors were like. Anyway, the guys stayed and played cards, so I came home to sleep. I took out my contacts and only meant to lay down for a second, but I fell asleep still dressed!!! I woke up at 3:40 and thought, "Maybe I'll go check out a Black Friday sale" as I'd never really shopped in the stores on those days. I started at Best Buy at 4:00- waited in line outside for an hour but was pleasantly surprised at how orderly it was AND to find the thing we wanted to get Jax (and Brian). Then I figured since I was awake, I'd check out Old Navy- got great deals on clothes right now. Of course, then I thought I'd go to Walmart to get some toys (the WORST place to go on Black Friday- or any day really- I know now, but not TOO terrible by 7:00). And finally, after finding Toys R Us sold out of many items, I went to one last place, Academy and got the kids a big surprise. I had SO much fun shopping- don't know why I dreaded the idea of Black Friday all this time! We're still looking at houses online but don't have ours on the market- again just waiting to see what pops up. :)

Now it's just two days before Christmas and I've got to run out and get a few last minute gifts for the grown-ups in our lives and take the kids to their new dentist. Other than that, we're on vacation now and having fun. I started knitting (already have a nice chunky scarf finished) and I plan on scrapping today. The kids are playing and enjoying the time off too.

Anyway, I'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year! ♥ S