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Monday, February 21, 2005

It HAS gotten crazier...

Remember when I said if it got any crazier, I didn't know what I'd do? Well...we're at that point now. First, Brian was involved it a hit-and-run accident (basically the other guy bumped him off the road and took off!) Brian didn't realize how badly he was hurt or the damage to the car, and since he didn't have his cell phone and no one else was around to help, he drove himself home. When I saw him the next morning, he had a huge bump and gash on his head from hitting the side of the car door and the front bumper was pretty seriously damaged. The swelling went down but he still has a terrible looking gash on his head. The car is in the shop and insurance will not pay for it because no police report was filed the night of the accident. Hopefully it won't be too expensive (it may not end up being too much more than our deductible anyway.)
Then, Jaxon gets sick while we're at a friends house. He threw up all over himself in his pack/n/play while sleeping. We clean him up as best we can and bring him home to give him a bath (of course it's about 12:30 by this time.) He got sick again at 4:30 that night. Jax has only thrown up once before so he was freaked out and the following day he didn't eat and still got sick 3 more times. I stayed home with him today and my mom will be up to watch him tomorrow. The doctor's office said to be sure he stayed hydrated and that if he had less than 3 wet diapers a day we'd need to go to the hospital (we're averaging once every 6 months with this kid!) Keep your fingers crossed that all gets better for us!


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