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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September & the last pregnancy update!

How things can change in a month! Here's what's been happening around here:

Jaxon ended up in the ER this month after having a febrile seizure. He had a cold and started with a high temp. of 99, so I gave him some tylenol. About an hour or so later, he was up to 103- I took him upstairs to put him in a cool bath and before I could even get him in tub, he started shaking and was up to 105! It was terrible! He was lethargic and stopped talking to me, and overall he just looked out of it. They were able to get his fever down and he was fine... they expect no future problems resulting from it, but I just pray that it never happens again!

We put our house on the market this month and have had a couple of people in to see it, but no big hits yet. We worked very hard to get the house organized and looking good- I'm LOVING it! I swear to keep clutter free whether we stay here or move. I thought keeping Jaxon's toys under wraps would be tough, but he's handling it well and has been good about cleaning up before bedtime too (lots of his toys are packed away and the rest are in a big wicker trunk, so we can rotate them out.)

Brian was pretty sure he'd be getting a pink slip from work at the end of this month (which would obviously put an end to any ideas about moving.) The timing on one hand was bad- with the baby coming, the house would have to be pulled off and we'd be staying here, and he'd be looking for a new job asap. But on the other hand, with the terrible devastation so many are going through with hurricane Katrina, it's hard to be worried about something as little as a layoff. At least we'd have a house and family to come home to. He talked with his boss today and it looks like he should make it through after all, but in case the cuts continue, he's pipelining to find other jobs just in case.

My fantastic assistants threw a shower for me today- I knew they were going to have cake and well wishes, but didn't expect anything of this magnitude. I got so many wonderful gifts- and I was not expecting that- so of course, I ended up crying! Pregnancy hormones can be bad! :) It was a very nice surprise and definitely helps me realize that yes... I'm having a baby really soon!

Pregnancy update: I've been having some pains and contractions, but overall, I still think I'm doing remarkably well for being 9 months pregnant! I have only 2 days left before my maternity leave starts and 9 days until Marley's EDD. My doctor has scheduled me for an induction if I don;t go into labor myself. He has me set to go into the hospital the night of the 29th to deliver the 30th. Because I'm positive for group b strep this time and have a history of fast labor, he thinks this is necessary to be sure I get the dose of antibiotics before delivery. I'm ok with the idea as I think it would only take them breaking my water to get things moving, and since the order would be there for an epidural as soon as I ask for it, I'm happy. As long as I've got the epi, I'll be just fine!

The next time I write, Marley will probably be here! Keep your fingers crossed hurricane Rita doesn't do too much damage up here (or that I don't deliver during it!)


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