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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jaxon's Swim Lessons

Jaxon's swim lessons started this week and they are going great! He did such a good job holding his breath out of the water that he was in the first group sent into the water.

The other two boys he was with have siblings in the swim league and they were way ahead of him... but the thing like best about Nitro Swim is that they work in stations independent of the class, so everyone works at their own pace... and they were able to go ahead while he continued working on skill station 1.

When you finish a station, you get to go hit the gong, which makes it even more fun! He was trying to negotiate with the girl coach and wasn't quite ready to move on, so Coach Mike (the owner)took his group. He's a bit more firm and has a commanding presence, and Jax responded to him immediately. He only cried once and that was when it was time to leave! :)

Here is a pic of him at his first lesson with Megan.

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Minivan mom said...

Hey - saw your link in your e-mail about Rose and came to check you out - my oldest (Bailey, 7) went to Nitro swim this morning for his first swim lesson, and loved it! Too funny! We're there on Sat mornings from 8:30-9am.