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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Busy August update!

Sorry its been awhile since my last post... here's what been going on since my last entry.

Jaxon had his 4 year old well check and is STILL off the growth charts for height. He's 44.5" tall and weighs 40 lbs. and 8 oz.(which is in the 75-90th%) He's just one tall kid! He did well with his shots and everything else is right on target.

We went to Port Aransas with my parents and sister from July 27th-30th and had a blast. A tropical storm has supposed to hit before we got there, but we had great weather the whole trip. Click my digiscrap blog on the left corner to see some pictures.

Just after our return from the coast, I got all 4 of my wisdon teeth out. Only one on the bottom was encased in bone, so it hurt and is still a bit sore now, but the rest are fine. Apparently it takes longer to heal as an "older patient"... yes, at 29, I'm considered an "older patient" for wisdom teeth removal.

Susan, my friend and speech pathologist for our school, worked with me on a "buddy group" for some of our students and Jaxon to participate in to continue working on social skills, playing and to just have fun together this summer. It was great and came to an end the first week if August. The moms in the group told me about this cool sprinkler park nearby, so we took Jaxon and Marley and the others out there and they had fun (Jaxon and Marley had to warm-up, and then Jaxon had to remember not to wander, but it was fun).

Last weekend (which coincidentally was the last weekend before I had to go back to work), we dropped off the kids at my parents house. They stayed one night and then I came down to spend one more night there with them. They just love hanging out with their grandparents!

This week, I went back to work which was both happy and sad for me. I was ready to be back for sure, but I'll miss seeing Marley during the day. Since Jaxon is in my class, I don't get the chance to miss him! Ha ha!

I've also been working on my digiscrap stuff, particularly making LOs for the DigiTreats Creative Team. Check us out on my digiscrap blog where there are links to the DigiTreats blog and store. I have been posting in a few galleries too, but I post all my LOs here too, so you don't really need to go there unless you want to see what other folks are doing too. Enjoy!


Rose said...

Hey you! How do you have two blogs? I need to do that. . HELP!

Rose said...

Okay, so I haven't figured out how to email you. Hehehe. I can't find your email on your blog.

Anyway, MY email is rosemc99@gmail.com.

I don't know who IkeaGoddess is but one of my designers told me it's huge.

I'm having a blast.