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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The visit with Dr.Cortez

Today was the visit with Dr.Cortez, the pediatric urologist that the ER and my pediatrician recommended. Jax had a fever over the weekend which had me a bit worried, so I was glad to get in so quickly. Even though the ER had recommended him and I thought I signed a release form, they did not send him the ultrasounds we had taken there. But he did a physical exam and determined that it is a hydrocele (fluid-filled cyst) of the spermatic cord. He says that this occurs in about 50% of infant boys early on and can go away on its own (usually within the first year.) But, he says it usually envelops the testicle and Jax's is in the cord above the testicle, so he wants us to schedule another visit in 6 weeks at his Children's Hospital location to check it's status and determine if we'll need to do surgery...keep your fingers crossed that we don't have to do that!

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