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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Jaxon gets a haircut

Jaxon woke up fussy this morning and stuck to my leg... he's kind of going through this phase right now... but when I couldn't pry him off, I decided to wake Brian up to hang out with Jax while I got ready. As soon as he came downstairs, Jaxon jumped into his lap and sat watching the Wiggles while I got ready. They looked so cute together! He sure loves his daddy! Just the other day, he walked over to our side table where a copy of Rolling Stone was laying out. It had Tom Cruise on the cover and Jax picked it up, brought it over, pointed at Tom and said "Dada!" :) I mean he is a short, brown haired man...and does have the rugged look going on the cover... but to think Jax thought it was Brian was hilarious.

This afternoon, I took him to get his haircut (it's only his second one) and he did pretty well. He started fussing at the end, but he waved bye-bye and blew kisses as he left, so I think he was happy to get his "big boy haircut!" When I got him home and saw him with the haircut, basketball outfit and shoes it felt like I left my baby somewhere and brought home a three-year old version of Jax. He's big for his age anyway and it's so hard to believe how quickly he's grown up. When we came home, he walked in the yard, sat in his swing and started to "shhh!" Beau as he barked in the yard... he's just too funny! :)

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