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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jaxon needs surgery :(

What a crazy day! I left work early to pick up Jaxon so hopefully he'd get a nap in. Of course he ended up rolling around and talking to himself rather than sleeping until about 5 minutes before we had to leave for the specialist. So, I loaded him up and headed downtown to Children's hospital. We were in the waiting room for 2 hours during which time Jaxon walked around as if he owned the place and lucky mama got to follow him around and around and around. We were finally seen by the doctor for a total of probably 10 minutes and he said he needs surgery in the following months.

Apparently, the surgery is the second most common surgery that Children's Urology does and it resembles hernia surgery. I think he's called one portion of the surgery laproscopy (tiny fiber-optic camera) which doesn't sound too bad. My biggest concern is how they'll have to put him under general anesthesia. The idea of my little boy being put totally out scares me! I've got it scheduled for early December, but need to reschedule so Brian can get the day off too. I'll keep you posted!

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