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Monday, June 20, 2005

Jaxon's "Big Boy Bed!"

We've been wanting to get Jaxon moved into a "big boy bed" for a few reasons. First, he's big for his age and barely fits into his crib. And second they say not to try to make the transition around big life changes (like moving or a new baby)- and since we are expecting both, we wanted to get started. We ended up buying him a full size and putting the boxsprings and mattress on the floor in his room. Then we ran over to target to find sheets for his new bed and were disappointed by their selection, but since we bought the bed on a whim and wanted to try it out that night, we let him pick out a sheet set he liked. He opted for "Bob-bob" (or Spongebob Squarepants for those of you who don't speak 2 year old caveman!)
He was SO excited and before Brian could even put the mattress upstairs, Jax was pretending to sleep on the boxsprings! We put quilts on the floor around the bed and pillows on the one exposed side so he wouldn't roll out and he went right to sleep! Now, naptime wasn't as easy. He got out of bed, tried to open the door and threw some stuffed animals, but after 10 minutes, he figured out it was naptime as usual and went to sleep. It was too cute watching him climb up into bed on the video monitor- he was talking to "Bob-bob" for a few minutes and then finally went down to sleep! We hope to take apart the crib soon to make more room for him and to distance him from it so when the baby moves out of the bassinet, he won't feel like she's taking over his territory. I'm both excited and a little sad- my little baby is growing up! :) S

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