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Friday, December 16, 2005

Home Sweet Home

We closed on our homes without any problems, but the move itself was more complicated. The movers that were going to haul our "big stuff" over on Friday had their lights burn out, so they had to reschedule for Saturday morning. Then, our U-Haul truck overheated... at least it was in front of our new house so we could unload (it took them 2 days to tow it off- never use them again!) Our water and DSL service was delayed too.

The refridgerators were delivered on time, but we had to put in a service call to level the doors on both. The new couches for the downstairs living room came a week after we moved in, but the leather was damaged. We just got them switched out for new ones today.

On the Monday following our move, I went back to work. It is nice to be back at school, but tiring too. I haven't gotten as settled in as I would like around the house either, but we plan to work on that this weekend. Got to get some Christmas decorations up, do some shopping and more "settling in" this weekend too!
:) S

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