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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March Madness!!!

Well...not really! In fact, things are finally calming down around here.

Marley has really started to let her "princess side" rest and is much more laid back lately. Her reflux is better (still a spitter, but no prescription meds anymore.) She delights in sitting up and looking around, visiting family and friends and rolling all the way across the room. She has been cooing for quite awhile, but on Monday I noticed she finally started to really babble "dada." She made the move into her own bed and into her own room over Spring Break and is doing great with the move. She has been sleeping every night from 8:00 until about 3:00 am, but after a night nurse, she quickly goes back to sleep.

Jaxon has been growing leaps and bounds again too. We enjoyed spending a good part of Spring Break at grandma's house in San Antonio while Brian was on a fishing trip. We went to a drive-through Wildlife Ranch and every antelope, elk, etc. was "a Rudolph!!!" (Yes, I know its March, but Jaxon is obsessed with the old claymation Burl Ives Rudolph movie! Ha ha!) He also thought it was quite funny when the ostrich bypassed the food I'd thrown down and instead decided to bop his head around in my car. He loved getting to sit on our laps (actually crawl back and forth to mom and grandma's laps) in the front seat too.

Spring time fun is on its way too. Jaxon begs to go to the park in our neighborhood. We have only gone to the little one and I'm sure once he sees the big one, it'll be even harder to get him to leave! Knowing how much he loves the park, Grandma and grandpa ordered a big playscape for our backyard. It's going to be installed as soon I hear back from our HOA and I know we'll be spending even more time in the backyard once its here. Jaxon went for a trial gymnastics class this week and I think we'll get him started with that now and maybe do another sport in the summer. His low muscle tone and coordination need work and gymnastics would be a fun way to "work!" He really enjoyed it since its a mom and tot class, I'm getting an hour's worth of exercise too.

I'll try to keep you posted with our crazy lives! :) S

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