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Friday, August 18, 2006

Jaxon's First Week in My Classroom

I haven't had a chance to post lately because we're back to work, but wanted to share Jaxon's first week in my classroom. He started as one of the 6 staff children/"typical peers" in my special ed preschool class. I have 2 assistants as well, so there are other "teachers" in the room, but I was kind of worried how he'd do and if he'd be able to really distinguish between whats ok at home and whats ok at school.

I'm so proud of him! He's done great! He's only done that whiny "Mama!" thing once this week and my asst. was there to step in. He has figured out that everyone else has to call me Ms.Schock and when I wouldn't call on him to answer today, he calls out "Ms. SCHOCK!?!" Ha ha! He even called me "Mama Schock" when he was talking to a friend about me!

Every morning he asks "Mama... can we go to big school today?" I am absolutely loving it! My assistants say I work too hard to be sure I'm not favoring him, so today I snuck a few kisses since everyone gets hugs... he doesn't seem to mind either way! I absolutely love having him with me all day (of course I still have to pay $400 a month to pay for my 2nd assistant like everybody else, but its worth it!)

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