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Sunday, December 10, 2006

December update...

Well its December already and I can't believe it. The weather was 80 degrees around Thanksgiving, which doesn't exactly put you in the holiday spirit, but it has finally started to cool down in Texas. We've even had a few light freezes in the evenings. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Schocks house with Grandma Schock and Aunt Pam was in from Arizona as well. Later that weekend, I took the kids down to San Antonio just for an overnight visit, but we had a good time.

I got one of my Christmas presents early...a Toyota Sienna XLE minivan. I know, I know... you're thinking "My God Stephanie! You WANTED a minivan?!?" But after fighting the idea for so long, we've determined that its a total lifesaver with 2 young kids. It has all the bells and whistles -power doors and liftgate, power sunroof, DVD, leather- so if the "family van" idea still makes you sick, you can appreciate that, at least, we have the "pimped out" version! Ha ha!

Marley has been walking around like she owns the place after determining that she can get her hands on way more "stuff" if she walks. :) Jaxon and Marley have both been playing very well together and keeping each other entertained as well. Its pretty fun to watch them. He'll even act like a teacher and give her choices "Marley, do you want you cup? Yes or no?" and then after watching her reaction, either say "yes" and give her the cup, or "no" and put it on the table. It's too funny. Before long, she'll be keeping him in check as she appears to have a little Diva personality (who did she get that from? You decide!)

I've reconnected with my sister as well over the past few months. I really enjoy getting to talk to her on the phone again as we now talk almost daily. It's amazing how easy it is to become so busy in your own life that you seem to lose contact. Anyway, she can't wait for Christmas and is joining the grandparents in the complete and total spoiling of my children (who she calls her "angels.")

We'll be spending Christmas with Aunt Lindsay and my family and either Christmas Eve or Christmas afternoon with the Schocks. Somewhere in between we'll have time for presents at our house as well as Santa and all of the relatives will be loading the kids up again this year. It should be a great holiday! Now... got to start thinking about the stuff we can get rid of to make room for all of the new toys... Humbug...

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