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Friday, November 10, 2006


I have been so busy that I haven't really kept up with the blog...sorry! Ok... let's pick up where we left off.

Bevo has a little notch in her ear but nothing too noticeable after her surgery. She has recently taken to crawling under the fence after we leave for work to play with the golden retriever next door! Thankful, my neighbor is wonderful and doesn't mind the dogs playing together in her backyard, but I think we may have a mud problem if it rains! :)

Marley's doing great. She finally took to one particular sippy cup, and since she's gotten the hang of it, she'll drink out of any sippy we give her. She has taken up to 6 steps at a time, but usually stops and slowly lowers herself to the ground so she can crawl instead! She can walk, she just chooses to crawl because she can do it faster I think. Her first birthday was great. We just had family over for cake and socializing. She got way too much in the way of gifts and clothing (as usual) but at least now she's got her winter wardrobe completely covered. Of course, it's now November and still 85, so hopefully she'll have a chance to wear those cute cool weather clothes soon!

Jaxon is still enjoying school, but testing a bit more. My assistants have been great about stepping in when they see him taking advantage of the situation. He is more whiny when I am trying to deal with a problem he may be having and I'm sure its because I'm mom. Its kind of a hard balance for me too... sometimes I see myself letting him get away with the whining when I shouldn't... so for now, I have to keep relying on Kendal and Christy for discipline when it comes to Jaxon. Its probably better that way too because then everyone will know the rules apply to him just like everyone else, know what I mean?

Halloween- Jaxon and I went trick-or-treating with our neighbor Shari and her daughter Megan. Marley was along for the ride in her stroller while the husbands visited in the driveway with some cold brew and candy to hand out. Jaxon went as a dinosaur with flashing shoes and necklace and Megan wore a brightly colored "nice witch" costume with a cat on the front (she insisted she was a cat, but that doesn't do her adorable costume justice.) They had an absolute blast. Jaxon as low at first, but was soon racing with Megan up to each door and knocking. They'd sometimes start to knock and then tell the other one, "That's enough..." :) At one point, Jaxon looked at Megan and asked "Did you get a haircut?" It totally cracked me up! Once they knocked on a door that hadn't been totally closed and proceeded to walk in! At every door, Megan said she was a cat and demonstrated how her cat basket meowed and then Jaxon would chime in "I'm a dinosaur...Roooaaaar!" It was great fun. The next day when we got home from school Jaxon said "I get me costume on and then we'll go trick-or-treat with Megan!" If only it came more than once a year...

Marley's daycare provider called me last night to let me know she was ill and wouldn't be able to watch her so I tried to call in to get a sub. As luck would have it, I woke up sick as a dog today, so the timing couldn't have been better. I would not have made it today. That said, my head is throbbing...I'm hoping Marley will nap for me so I can get some rest too... I'll try my best to stay on top of the posts... :) S

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