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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer keeps on flying by...

We've been so busy that the summer seems to be flying by. Jaxon is loving swim lessons and doing quite well. Marley is enjoying the kinder-dance camp we have her in and it makes me even more excited for her to start school- she's so ready to be part of a group.

I have lots of exciting changes coming up this school year and I'm actually ready to be back to work. I'm moving from PPCD at my school to a brand new elementary school to pilot a new cluster class called PEAR (Preschool Expressive and Receptive) Language. It will be an intensive program for language-delayed 3 to 5 year olds within the PPCD continuum of services. I am very excited, but of course, I'm also very sad to leave my old school and class too.

I'm used to dealing with students with varying disabilities- delays in language, social skills, self-help, fine and gross motor skills- and having to fit them all into the day. So now my focus will be primarily intense work on language skills. There is only one piece of "bad news"... and actually I'm not sure it's bad, I'm just selfish. Jaxon had been a peer model in my class for the past 2 years, which was great because he was in class learning, but still with me everyday. I was looking forward to seeing Marley at school too. But now, she'll be in the PPCD class as a model instead of mine. I think she'll do better in someone else's class, and she can still come for a 2 hour block into my room, I guess I'm just selfish! I'll miss seeing her with the other kiddos! Anyway, I need to be cleaning, so I'd better run. I'll try to update again soon. :) S

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