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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to school!

For me at least! I started back to school for staff development this week and I've got to say, things are looking good. Usually staff development is a bit of a drag, but it's been good. Everyone I've met is excited to be opening up the new school and all have been very friendly. We're coming together from about 6 different campuses so there are lots of new faces, but we're all getting to know each other. Last night was the ribbon cutting ceremony for my school and it was a really cool experience too.

I'm excited to get started! But I do have "a problem"... I have SO MUCH room that I almost can't believe it! I have laid out my room and moved furniture back and forth AT LEAST 8 times by now. I think I FINALLY have it the way I want it now, but it was tough to figure it out. I still have lots to move in, planning to do, curtains to find, make, or find someone to make... but we're getting there!

Marley is going to have so much fun in her new class. She already talks about her "friends" and her teacher ("My teacher is Ms.____ and she likes me!") I really like the kindergarten team and I'm sure Jaxon will do great with any one of them. He's excited too, but I think at first it may be tough as he's used to being with me. It will be very good for him though and I know after a day or two, he'll LOVE kindergarten too.

More updates to come (especially now that I know a few of y'all actually read this thing)! :)

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