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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween, tee ball and... oh yeah... DSD!

I guess it's been busy around here because I've not posted in a month and a half! Here's a quick review: PEAR is going great- we're having fun and the kids are making tremendous progress. Jaxon is enjoying school and got the "Spotlight Stallion" last week (school recognizes one child in each class for doing a great job, showing school expectations, etc.) Marley is having a blast in her class too and is now trying to sign as she speaks. Unfortunately she talks as much, as well, and as fast as mom so the signing will take some time to catch up! :) Brian and I went to a party for Lindsay's birthday and had a good time, we've been enjoying attending all of the UT home games, and the kids enjoyed going to a "pumpkin patch" at Red Barn Gardens.

Now for the end of this month:
First we had Halloween- Jaxon was Peter Pan (which he picked because Marley was going to be Tinkerbell) but oddly it didn't come with a hat so I was stitching one the night before- the green felt doesn't match his outfit, but it had a red feather so it was ok with Jaxon. Marley ended up with 3 costumes: Tink, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland. She decided on the latter and if I do say so, she IS Alice and was adorable. We met up with our new neighbor and a few more neighbors down the street for trick or treating and had a blast. We went around for almost an hour, so there are lots of treats to be had at our house!

The next morning was Jaxon's semi-final tee ball tournament. 9am the morning after Halloween- talk about rough. Our team played pretty well, but lost. Of course, had they played fair it may have been different. Hang in there while I step onto my soapbox for a moment... the other team has to rotate players, but they just barely squeaked by that rule by rotating their best 3 players between pitcher, first and home. Those kids could catch hits, throw like big kids, etc. I KNOW that when they get older, you play the position you are best at, but 4 and 5 year olds? How will the other kids learn if they aren't allowed to play all of the different positions? I'd rather lose and have my kid learn all the positions... and as it turns out that is what happened. I think we ended up 3rd in the league, but Jaxon had fun and really is learning the game, so we're very happy. They got a trophy, which is his first one, and he's so proud! :) Ok, off the soapbox...

We had planned on meeting my parents out at Sweetberry Farms in Marble Falls, but when I came home from the game, I had a TERRIBLE headache and felt kind of sick, so we're going to reschedule. Anyway, I came home and turned on the computer to check e-mail and realized it was DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day)! I knew it was coming, but I guess with everything else going I'd forgotten about it. I rarely shop anymore (for anything really), but couldn't pass up some of the deals going on... so be on the lookout for more layouts coming soon. :)

Marley began asking to watch Santa movies this morning (even though he terrifies her) so I think we'll be more than ready for Christmas this year. :) I'll try to be better about posting updates too!

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