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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yes... I'm giving into to marketing...

Or so it seems as I've already changed my blog to a Christmas theme. :) It seems to get earlier and earlier every year that we start seeing Christmas items going up in the stores... I can usually avoid those temptations as I rarely shop (Brian's lucky in that respect). But ALREADY, the Christmas commercials are on tv, and since we DO watch tv at our house, we can't escape!!!

We're gearing up for Thanksgiving with a long 5 days weekend and already have Christmas on the brain. I'm having the kids circle things they want in catalogs to get ideas, but I've already got some ideas. Marley is desperately wanting a new bed (as she rolls around so much that the toddler bed is not cutting it)! So she may get an early gift. Not sure about Jaxon yet... and since he can (and often does) read over my shoulder I couldn't write about it anyway. :)

We are FINALLY getting a family portrait taken as well, so I know our moms will be very happy with that! :) Anyway, it's a cool, rainy day and we're just hanging around the house- I'm on here updating stuff, Brian is watching football next to me, Marley is napping and Jaxon wants me to come play a game with him so I'd better run. I'll post again soon!

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