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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Has it really been THAT long?

I guess so! I've been SO busy with school, the family and just plain life I've not updated my poor, neglected blog. So here's the cliff notes version of what's been going on:

In August, we put an offer in on a short sale in a nearby neighborhood and put our house on the market, but when someone outbid us, we lost out and after much thought, decided to pull our house off the market and just keep an eye out. We couldn't find anything else we liked for the price as much as we like our house, but we'll check online every once and awhile. We looked at putting in a pool, but we're waiting a bit... if we DO end up moving, we won't get our money back out of the pool, so until we KNOW we're staying put, no pool either. We go back and forth, looking online, trying to decide what to do... wish we could live where the kids could go to school with neighborhood friends, or live in a neighborhood where we had a bunch of friends with kids, or maybe just scrap it all and live somewhere on a bit of land without neighbors or a neighborhood to even worry about... oh well, we'll see what happens...

School started up and we barely got into our portable in time to get unpacked- the school district is great, but when it comes to construction and maintenance, it leaves a bit to be desired. Let's just say I FINALLY got backpack hooks in my portable this week- two and a half months after school started. I like that we can be loud out there - seeing as how my class is a language program, we are always encouraging LOTS of talking (we're almost the anti-classroom if you really think about it). It's also very quiet out there - nice because no one bothers you, but also a bit isolating. We'll see what happens next year as we may or may not end up moving back into the building. Jaxon and Marley are doing ok with school, but they miss "their old friends" from last year's classes. Hopefully, it'll be a good year for them both.

October has been a pretty rough month for us- lots of stress, everyone getting sick, etc. But now it's November and we'll try to put all that behind us. We spent Halloween with both sets of parents by trick-or-treating in the in-laws neighborhood. The kids had a blast of course, but I also think the grandparents enjoyed themselves almost as much! :)

Next weekend, we're off to a family wedding in Kansas. Brian's cousin Cecelia is getting married and asked Jaxon to be the ringbearer! We're so excited and he thinks he'll "look jazzy" in his tux! The groom's family has twin 6 year old girls who'll be flower girls, so Marley's not "in" the wedding, but she's still excited about the pretty dress she gets to wear to the wedding.

The rest of the fall is mainly getting ready for family holidays, get caught up on scrapping and watching football... sounds good to me! :) Hope to be back with updates more often (if life slows down a bit!)

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