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Friday, October 01, 2004

My School's Fall Festival

Well, I wanted to do my part to help the PTA with the Fall Festival and I did more manual labor today than I have in quite awhile. I'll sleep good tonight! :) Another one who'll be sleeping good is Jaxon. Cheryl brought him up at around 4:15 and we walked around a lot. I carried him when he didn't want to go the way I was going (which was most of the time!) There were tons of kids there, lots of cool attractions and games for older kids...but the one thing I knew Jaxon would like was the Petting Zoo put on by Fry's Fun Farm. He got to walk around in the pen and pet a horse, piglets, ducks, sheep and goats. He was not at all interested in the chickens, geese or turnkeys. But he particularly liked one baby kid (I mean a goat of course!) It was white with black around it's eyes with tiny little nubs for horns. Jaxon followed him for awhile and smiled and talked when he pet him. Anyway, by that time it was about 5:15 and I was whooped, Jaxon was one big sweatball, and Brian was probably beginning to wonder where we were, so we headed home. It was lots of fun...next big event: Halloween!

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