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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jaxon - Milestones for December

Well, sadly this may be the last post devoted entirely to Jaxon's milestones. He's grown so much and learns so many new things everyday that it's hard to try to get it down in here! Of course, you'll still be hearing a lot about our favorite little guy! :)
Jaxon has been much more "talkative" and energetic this month especially since recovering from his surgery. He still loves to go outside (even when it's freezing cold and we want him to stay inside!) He enjoys playing on his swing and in his little house out back in particular. He has found a new passion as well- coloring! He grabs his box of crayons and colors everyday in a notebook, being sure to use all 24 every time too! He is quite the little artist! :) He's showing some "terrible two" behaviors- one we affectionately call the backwards inchworm- but he's learning quickly that tantrums do nothing to help his cause. He says lots of words now but seems to have lost "Mama" or rather replaced it with "Dada!" It seems he's become quite a daddy's boy (much to Mama's dismay.) Oh well... He is such a great kid- we're SO lucky to have him in our lives.


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