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Friday, December 10, 2004

Jaxon's Surgery

Well, Jaxon's surgery went as well as it could and we're SO glad it's over! We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 and it's downtown which meant we had a very early morning. My mom and dad came down and stayed the night so they could go with us for the surgery as well. We arrived and were waiting in the lobby of Children's Hospital when the called us back for pre-op.
We had to wait for quite awhile and Jaxon was hungry and getting restless. Brian was getting annoyed to say the least and found out that our doctor had not been informed of the change in schedule...needless to say we ended up being about 2 hours behind schedule.
They had to put Jaxon out and give him a breathing tube for the surgery and we opted for a caudal block to numb the lower half of his body for several hours after the surgery. The whole operation only took about an hour and the doctor was pleased with how well it went. He removed the entire cyst and showed us pictures (he flung them out there before we could say we didn't want to see them!) He has a small incision about 2 inches long on his abdomen but the stitches are inside ("like a zipper" the doctor said.) It is healing up and he seems unphased by the whole ordeal.
We're all glad he's ok and we can finally put this unpleasantness behind us!


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