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Friday, December 31, 2004

Christmas & The New Year

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Jaxon got a few really cool toys which was perfect- he has so many already- and lots of clothes which he desperately needed. He got a "car" with a handle for mama to push so we could use it for our walks, and even though it said 9 months to 3 years, he's way too big for it. :( We're hoping we can take it back and find something similar that he can fit into! We got clothes, jewelry, lots of gift cards- and a great unexpected gift- Brian's parents paid off his college loan for us! Now we can take that extra money every month and focus on Jaxon's college.
We had Christmas Eve at home on our own, Christmas Day at the Schock's with grandma Schock, and the day after my parents came to our house for Christmas. It was great! What a wonderful way to end 2004!

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