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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Back to school- week 2

I'm running out of steam big time this week! Being back at school has been a tough adjustment for me and for Jaxon. He's been a bit fussy and gets upset when I leave him at the sitter's house...but I also know the minute I'm out of sight he's playing and having a good time, so I guess it's just that he's not used to being back there 5 days a week yet. Neither am I! He's also starting some "terrible two" behaviors which I not too thrilled with, but be handled easily.

I'm having a good year so far though the kids are under control and seem to get along pretty well. I like my aide Susie's sub too, which makes for a smoother start. I need to get used to getting Jaxon up and around too...that has been the challenge. He wants to cuddle up with me in the morning and we just don't have the time. Or if he gets up early and we do have time, then he's awake and ready to play when I'm trying to get around. AARRGGGG!

Well, I've been looking around at new home builders in Round Rock (if we're staying here, Brian wants to "move up" this spring.) It's fun to check out floorplans and I want to go see some models in a neighborhood I like in particular. There are two neighborhoods just down the road a bit from where we are now that I find interesting, so I may go check those out this weekend just for kicks. I'm also hoping to start getting the toy towers under control and the rest of the house organized too! We have lots of space, we just have too much stuff! Anyway, wish me luck! I'll write back soon (hopefully!)

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