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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Jaxon- Milestones for August

Well, Jaxon has just taken off developmentally. I look back to when he was just a baby and it's amazing how fast they grow and change in the first year! He's officially a toddler at 13 months now, so here's the latest:
  1. He blows kisses with his hand (before he just kissed into the air and looked like he was trying to spit!)
  2. He walks very well and has started trying to run, but it's still a little herky-jerky!
  3. He says "bye, bye" and waves (but only when he wants to!)
  4. Other words he uses: Mama, Dada, Papa, Gaga (trying to say grandma!) Beau-beau, more, duck, thank you (sounds like gang goo!)
  5. He loves being outside- either in his swing or his little house, or just walking barefoot in the grass.
  6. He eats whatever you are eating...so you'd better be ready to share! :)

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