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Monday, August 09, 2004

Well... I survived my first day back at work without Jaxon. I have this week for staff development and teacher prep and next week the kids return. I'm looking forward to a good year, but I'll miss being with Jax all day. :( Also, my support Susie (a.k.a my partner in crime! haha!) will be out until October with a badly broken leg. She's getting better everyday, but won't be ready at the start. I know she wishes she was, and I do too, but better safe than sorry. They found a sub for her that I don't know, but hopefully she'll be ok until Susie comes back.

Jaxon was a little nervous about my leaving him today (he was probably scared I wouldn't return for awhile like when we were on vacation!) Once he saw his "girlfriend" Alyssa at our sitter Cheryl's house, he was in a better mood and I think he probably had a pretty good day... it was just overwhelming. He's got her daughters (2nd grade Jessie & 7th grade Brittany) to play with this week and next week it'll be back to just him, Alyssa, and a new 6 month old, Wyatt. I know he loves being around the kids, so hopefully he'll continue to enjoy himself while I'm at work.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can get everything done! :)

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